Somerset Berkley Regional School District District Strategy



The SBRHS community inspires and guides everyone to inquire, adapt, persevere, and innovate.


All key stakeholders are challenged to establish individual goals; engage in innovative problem solving, develop effective communication skills; use technology responsibly, and become positive contributors to society, thus achieving their full potential in a rigorous, relevant, and safe learning environment.


IF we provide a safe yet challenging learning environment focused on all students acquiring and authentically demonstrating the essential skills for future success while having the necessary supports, and IF we maximize professional collaboration and learning opportunities for educators that focus on meeting the individual learning needs of students in 21st century classrooms, and IF we engage families and the communities to support this work THEN all students will be prepared to experience success and achieve excellence in their rapidly changing worlds.


Student Learning


Family and Community Engagement

Sustainable Funding Model

Promote 21st century skills and cultivate partnerships that extend and support teaching and learning to prepare students for success in college, careers, and life in a rapidly changing and challenging global society

Create a collaborative learning culture that fosters creativity, inquiry, collaboration, reflection, and data‐use to address individual student needs in order to improve learning for all students

Increase parent and community engagement and build community support for vision, mission, and ongoing success of Somerset Berkley Regional High School

Support the goals of the district by improving efficiencies, developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and constructing a model of sustainable funding


  • Develop and recommend a comprehensive counseling services model that addresses all students’ needs
  • Implement, review, and improve the advisory program
  • Develop and implement a system for students to demonstrate their mastery of 21st century skills through authentic assessments, including a capstone project
  • Increase students’ opportunities for early college and/or career experiences through partnerships with the higher education and business communities
  • Enhance student learning by creating a personalized, student‐centered learning environment in which every student has a school‐issued device to use in school and at home
  • Develop and implement a multi‐tiered system of supports to address academic and social‐emotional needs of students to ensure that the district
  • accelerates achievement and growth for all students
  • Provide targeted, research‐based professional development and meaningful collaborative planning time for all staff
  • Ensure a rigorous learning environment in all classrooms using research‐based teaching and learning strategies
  • Review, develop, and implement a modern curriculum that addresses future needs
  • Develop and implement a peer observation model to showcase effective instructional strategies through collaboration
  • Effectively use data to inform practice, provide targeted interventions, and to make data‐ driven decisions
  • Use multiple communication strategies with SBRHS families and the community to promote positive events and successes of the school
  • Expand opportunities for parent and community engagement
  • Create a marketing plan for future students and families
  • Increase family and student awareness of the important roles they have in achieving the strategic plan’s student learning objective and priorities
  • Pursue new revenue sources to fund the district’s needs and the objectives of the strategic plan
  • Create a facilities plan
  • Maintain or improve community perceptions of the value of district services
  • Use data to identify efficiencies, cost reductions and new sources of revenue