Print, Call, or Submit Online

  1. Print and submit a copy of the Bullying Incident Report Form to the building principal.
    1. The bullying incident report form may be hand delivered to the school's main office, or it mailed by mailed or emailed to the building principal:
      1. SBRHS:  Susan Brelsford, SBRHS Principal, 625 County Street, Somerset, MA 02726;
      2. SMS: Pauline Camara, SMS Principal, 1141 Brayton Avenue, Somerset, MA 02726;
      3. Chace Street School: Timothy Plante, Chace Street School Principal, 538 Chace Street, Somerset, MA, 02726;
      4. North Elementary:Paula Manchester, North Elementary Principal, 580 Whetstone Hill Road, Somerset, MA, 02726;
      5. South School: Stephanie Brown, South School Principal, 700 Read Street, Somerset, MA 02726;
  2. Complete an online anonymous bullying incident report by clicking here.
  3. Use the confidential bullying reporting line by dialing *67-508-235-0605 then answering the various prompts (dialing *67 assures confidentiality by blocking caller ID)
Reviewed: April 27, 2022