New policies

The following policies have recently been adopted by the School Committee: Naming (FF). Remote Learning (IHBHE) and Remote Learning Addendum (IHBHE-E), Face Coverings (EBCFA) and Covid-Related Issues (EBC-S)

Recent Policy Changes

Field Trip (IJOA), Student Late Night and Overnight Travel (JJH), Student Travel Regulations (JJH-R)Student Discipline (JIC), JQ-A Meal Charge (streamlines process for withdrawing/graduating students to request a refund of their lunch balance) 10/21/20 KF-R: Application for Rental of SBRHS Facilities (includes policy), Physical Restraint Policy (JKAA), Harassment (ACAB), School Visitor Policy/Observation Form Request (KI) and Acceptable Use and Internet Safety (IJNDB). Manifestation Procedures have also been updated; to view this please go to Departments, Special Education