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Somerset Berkley Regional High School, Somerset Middle School and South Elementary School have been identified as Title I Targeted Assistance Schools. 
Title I eligible students are serviced in grades K through 5 in both elementary schools. The majority of students receive support services through the implementation of the Leveled Literacy Intervention Program for reading and Number Worlds for math. The programs are well aligned to the ReadyGen ELA and GoMath programs implemented throughout our district.
Services are provided to our Title I eligible students in grades 9-12 in both English and Math. English course supports are provided both in the English class and during a support period using Lexia reading software. Math support is provided to students during a support period called Math Lab using Aleks math software and/or the support of a certified mathematics teacher. In the Spring, Title I students grades K through 5 are offered before/after school support in ELA and Math, and 9-12 Title I students are offered after-school support in Math and Science. Certified teachers work as tutors to support the continued academic growth of our students. Title I students grades 2 through 5 are invited to participate in our Title I ELA and Math Summer Program. Certified teachers work with students to maintain and enhance the skills, knowledge and understandings that students have acquired, avoiding "Summer slide," the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gained they made during the previous school year.