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Victor Machado, Building Committee Chairman, Somerset School Committee
Jeffrey Schoonover, Building Committee Vice-Chairman, Superintendent of Schools
Jennifer Ashley, School Committee Member
Michael Carreiro, Director of Buildings & Grounds
Christopher Godet, Community Member
Michale Botelho, Community Member
Pauline Camara, Somerset Middle School Principal
Ronald Tarro, Somerset Public Schools Director of Business and Finance
Elizabeth Haskell, Director of Curriculum
Carlos Campos, Community Member
Kathleen Byers, Somerset Middle School Teacher
Cassey Monte, Somerset Middle School Teacher
Nicole Mello, Somerset Middle School Content Coordinator
Steven Medeiros, Community Member, Registered Architect
Robert Lima, Community Member, Retired Superintendent of Somerset Water Department
Kevin Scanlon, Community Member, Licensed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor
Nick Raffa, Community Member, Former Somerset Advisory and Finance Committee
Allen Smith, Somerset Board of Selectmen
Mark Ullucci, Somerset Town Administrator
Carlton Medeiros, Community Member
James Teixeira, Somerset Advisory and Finance Committee